Saturday, February 19, 2011

Got out in the garden today

Planted fingerling potatoes in container -seems crowded I may have to move some.

Planted onion sets, moved broccoli outside and spinach plant.

Sunday, January 30, 2011 start

Only the one Thyme seed germinated in the Thyme pod and it shriveled up after a couple of days.

A few basil sprouted but they too perished.

Yesterday I plucked everything out and restarted with park peat plugs. Planed the same varieties...

I also started Broccoli on the windowsill this week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 6

I definitely have basil coming up we now have confirmed growth of a few seeds of basil at day 6 and one creeping thyme plant...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Signs of Life!

I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have planted seeds that are tough to start for my first venture into Aerogardening...I'm so anxious for them to grow. Of the six varieties I've planted, I know that lavender, pomegranate and the passiflora aren't ever in a rush to get going..that just leaves three pods to watch I was rewarded...the creeping thyme has germinated!

So at 5 days we have one pod with life...creeping thyme...picture follows:

I think I can see some basil coming up too!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Started aerogarden today.

Used Quickgrow for nutrients dosed as noted on package
Filter batting for media and turface over batting (instead of labels)
RODI water

Planted: Lavender Vera, Mexican Mariogld,
Creeping Thyme, Purple Ruffles Basil, Passiflora, Pomegranate

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Plantings

Today I planted: Mix Salad greens in container on porch

In Plastic Raised: Bibb and simpson lettuce (back row bibb, front simpson)

Sprayed with neem soap as grasshoppers are still munching everything in sight including one pumpkin seedling that I had growing...grrrr

Oregano is inside has been sprouted up for about 2 weeks now...growing nicely (well not fast but looking healthy).

Parsely is up in herb container.

Spinach was planted about a week ago in container in kitchen - no sign of anything yet.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Gardening....

It's a beautiful day in May - a great day to garden. I went to the Denton Master Gardeners sale today and picked up some Fannick Phlox - I really wanted this and a scaveola (which I thought might be scabiosa -it isn't :( but should be a nice plant anyhow). I accidently bought tangerine artemesia (one side was marked Phlox and I didn't notice the stick in the pot said Aremesia.

I stopped at Lowes and found some eggplant which I had been looking for since my seeds didn't seem to be germinating. Of course when I got home guess what had germinated? My eggplant LOL. I also bought Larkspur, Lipstick Salvia, Chives and a Dendrophylia. The lipstick chives rolled on the way home so I have tried rooting them as cuttings from instructions I found elsewhere: I mixed perlite with potting mix, stripped the bottom leaves off of the cuttings and stuck them in there. We'll see if they live. I just noticed one disappointing thing -they took the sticks out of the plants at the plant sale -luckily I know what most are but I now don't have the exact variety.

Last stop on the trip was Calloways. I was looking for the elusive Society Garlic and did find a variegated variety (I really wanted the regular but it was all I could find). I also bought some pinapple mint, some verbena for the pots,and a lovely Calladium.

Let the planting begin.

Pot with Periwinkle:

Scaveola: full sun to part shade: Should do well in pot. Blue flowers spring thru fall (ooh I like that!). Good hanging basket plant. Slow release fertilizer. Average moisture. Only grows to about 12" tall.

Verbena: Sun, Dry (sounds like it should mix OK with the Scaveola?)

Strapleaf Calladium: Hmm...these like shade, I guess it can't go in the pot with the above. Average water

Front Garden -let's try to get some color:

Fannick Phlox: Grows to 1-3 feet tall and 2 feed wide (I can see the height(mine is probably at least 18'-20" now but can only hope to get that width (it's only about 6" wide). Sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant..yeah!

Lipstick Salvia: This one likes sun too...normal/xeric water needs!


Eggplant: Black Beauty. OK I thought eggplants are vines? These don't look like vines? Ok big plant but not a vine -to the tires with them! Consistent moisture

Bell Pepper:Big Whopper! I think the tire conditions should be good for this too...same likes from what I can see as the eggplant.

OK I gotta go get these planted.